MSU SPDC – Industry Speaker Series (April 2017)


Michigan State University to use SERF Foundation property

SERF Foundation’s (SERF) relationship with MSU School of Planning Design and Construction (SPDC) continues to mature. In October 2016, the two institutions reached an agreement for SPDC to use Foundation property located at 1300 East Lake Lansing Road, East Lansing, Michigan for teaching, research, and demonstration as a landscape architecture laboratory.

This is the property on which SERF, SPDC, Haworth and other industry partners intend to build a model green office building, the Wave.

SERF Foundation has an established relationship with MSU’s School of Planning, Design and Construction (SPDC) and works directly with professors who are renowned experts in the field of environmental sustainability of the entire built environment and high-performance buildings including SPDC Director, Dr. Scott Witter, and Dr. Matt Syal, Professor at MSU.

Through this latest endeavor, SERF foundation continues on its mission to providing education in the area of environmental sustainability. This is in addition to other activities including sponsoring seminars and workshops, written publications, providing internships and scholarships to students and providing input and support for research by Michigan State University.

MSU SPDC – Industry Speaker Series (November 2016)

CWD Real Estate Investment’s Samuel Cummings engaged audience at Nov. SPDC Industry Seminar Series. Click here to read more about this event


Convective Heat Loss, a sneaky villian

Strategies to increase building energy efficiency typically focus on increased efficiency of the HVAC system and increased thermal resistance of the envelope and fenestration. An oft- overlooked, but vital, path to efficiency is reduction of air-leakage.

Heat transfer in buildings occurs in three forms: conduction, convection and radiation. Of these, conduction and convection transfer most of the heat. Conduction occurs when one body transfers its heat to another with which it is in contact–in this case, the transfer between interior and exterior air. Convection occurs when a heated body physically transports itself to another location. In this case air physically moving through leaks in the wall. Thermal insulation prevents conduction but does little to prevent convective heat losses.

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