Become a SERF Professional (SP)

SGN-SP-classes-promo-v1aAfter successful completion of the SP course and exam, and acceptance by SERF, SPs are listed on the directory of SPs featured on together with their contact information and link to their website. SPs receive a special badge and certificate together with a limited license to use the SP image in their own marketing efforts. Special apparel, marketing and promotional materials are available exclusively to SPs.

SPs have direct access to SERF’s professional staff and access to SP-only online forums to share best verification and marketing practices to SPs.

To become an SP, applicants must first obtain the SERF Certification Technical Manual by ordering directly from SERF using this order form after which they may request the SP examination directly from SERF.

Areas of instruction in the Technical Manual include:

  • Introduction to Sustainability and Green Buildings
  • Presentation of SERF and comparison with other sustainability certifications and standards
  • SERF benefits
  • SERF criteria
  • SERF verification and certification process
  • Requirements to become an SP

Prerequisites to SERF Professional Designation

  1. Demonstrate mastery of SERF Certification criteria, as contained in the SERF Certification Technical Manual, by attaining a minimum score of 70% on the SP examination.
  2. Establish industry experience through either of the two following areas:
    • Two years industry experience in one of the following fields:
      • Architecture;
      • Construction Engineering/Management;
      • Civil, Mechanical, Electrical or Environmental Engineering;
      • Environmental or Sustainable Building Consulting;
      • Facility Engineering and/or Management.


    • A graduate in degree in one of the following disciplines:
      • Architecture
      • Construction Management
      • Environmental Studies
      • Civil, Mechanical or Environmental Engineering
  1. Complete SP application.
  2. Pay SP application fee.

Learn More

Questions about becoming an SP? Wondering whether it’s the right next step in your career? Contact our President, Joe Maguire, by email at or at 312.674.4860.