The Wave

Follow construction of our new Green Office Demonstration building The Wave. The Wave will be built on land adjoining SERF’s offices in East Lansing, Michigan near Michigan State University. In collaboration with Michigan State University’s School of Planning Design and Construction, among other organizations, the SERF Foundation will begin development of this state-of-the-art, 6,700 square feet sustainable office building incorporating SERF’s office certification criteria.


Current plans call for the structure to house SERF’s offices, collaborative space and a large demonstration, education hall. This Green Office Demonstration building will provide an excellent facility for industry seminars, product demonstrations and a new MSU SPDC graduate course titled Case Studies in Sustainable Construction.

The Wave Demonstration CenterThis demonstration building offers numerous benefits to industry leaders in green building. At its core, The Wave provides educators and professionals in the green building industry a real life model to:

  • Communicate the business case for sustainable construction and operation.
  • Model and demonstrate SERFs proprietary green building certification criteria.
  • Display real time, building performance data.
  • Provide a hands-on, experiential environment with exposed sustainable systems and materials to create a visual learning experience.
  • Create a green building industry center tailored for green building education and idea exchange.