Nida Mehtab, SP

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Roosevelt University

Architect, Graduate Student, M.S. in Real Estate
430 S Michigan Ave  Chicago, IL 60605

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About Nida
Nida has extensive experience in project & facility management, Research, Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) in Corporate Real Estate. She has worked in the past with Barclays and Standard Chartered Banks with their local, regional and global teams from Pakistan, Dubai and London. She has research experience with European Architectural Council on a project ASIA-Link, Chicago Association of Realtors and Duke Realty.

She was part of the winning team of Harold E Eisenberg Foundation Midwest Real Estate Challenge for sustainability, research of different asset types and design and planning. She is a Goldie B. Wolfe Miller Scholar for Women Leaders in Commercial Real Estate. Her Real Estate Broker License is underway.

B.S. in Architecture from Pakistan and, M.S in Real Estate from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Certification in construction management from Turner School of Construction Management.