Green parking, chicken houses and bankers

Beginning in 2011, parking structures were deemed unworthy of attaining LEED certification owing to the fact that they are, after all, chock full of those pesky cars.

So great the sin of enabling the proliferation of hydro-carbon fueled vehicles that no amount of energy efficient lighting, designated stalls for alternate fuel vehiclesreduction of heat island effect and countless other ways to make a parking structure more sustainable has lowered the upturned nose of the USGBC.

In defense of useful structures everywhere, SERF offers Frank Lloyd Wright’s aphorism to regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a Cathedral.  Though speaking of design rather than sustainability (setting aside the sustainability inherent in his organic style) Wright spoke here one of his great truths.

To wit, there is nobility to all useful structures and there is a beautiful way to conceive buildings of any purpose.  There is also a sustainable and non-sustainable way to build them.  SERF will be a voice in recognizing structures of all types that choose the sustainable path.

We seem to have at least one soul in the blogosphere who joins in our giggle at LEED’s demonization of private autos.  Anti-everything crap like this is why many people ignore the green movement. By this logic we should get rid of houses to curb over population. Hey! I bet if we got rid of all the landfills there would be no trash. And if we teardown all the jails there will be no crime too!”

A new sign went up by my office today announcing one of PNC Bank’s new green branches– part of their USGBC approved program for LEED certification by volume submittal.   So a structure filled with bankers is morally superior to a structure filled with the family car.  I wonder how that will go over with the 99%….