Multi-Family Residential Requirements

Multi-family residential buildings are far higher in floor-area ratio and occupant density compared to other types of buildings. Consequently, these structures have a greater potential to impact the environment. In addition, they allow the use of high efficiency heating mechanisms such as district heating which further increase their energy efficiency and help  lower operational costs.

The lower operational costs of green multi-family buildings combined with increased health and comfort of occupants greatly increases the attractiveness of these dwellings for potential tenants.

It is universally accepted that the attitudes of building occupants towards sustainability determines its performance in the long run. The higher occupant density of multi-family dwellings makes it essential to educate residents on the importance of sustainability including responsible energy use and efficient waste management practices.

SERF’s reliable third party certification together with its attractive sustainability marketing tools like its Profiles provides the dual service of marketing the facility’s sustainability to potential tenants and education of existing tenants.

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