Marian Fitness Center

Marian Fitness Center in East Lansing is the latest example of a green makeover project.

Originally built as a 7-11 convenience store, this 30-year old structure has served a variety of purposes, including regional headquarters for ADT Security, a tack shop (for equestrian supplies), a retail outlet for Benjamin Moore paints, and now Marian Fitness Center.


3054 Lake Lansing Road, East Lansing, Michigan


Wolverine Development Corporation


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Wolverine is demonstrating their commitment to Practical Environmental Stewardship® by investing in green makeovers of its buildings as business tenants’ rollover.

The decision to reuse the existing structure for Marian Fitness Center rather than demolish and build anew is consistent with Wolverines founding principles. As Wolverine Development Chairman Bruce Maguire explains, “Our specialty is buying existing structures, often vacant, and investing in building and site improvements. We hold these sites for a long time–some have spanned all 3 generations of our family business. So many of our properties do not qualify for sustainable certifications like SERF in their present state.”

Marian Fitness Center Gray Exterior

To meet SERF certification criteria, important steps and protections were added to ensure that the building was renovated in the most environmentally responsible way possible. As Maguire explained, “Marian Fitness Center is a great example of a complete green makeover we are applying to a vacant property. We see it as perhaps the most sustainable path of all–reusing an existing structure while installing new systems and reclaiming control of the building envelope to conserve energy.”

By reusing the property for Marian Fitness Center, Wolverine Development prevented the negative environmental impact of the demolition and completely new construction of a new building. They saved on material consumption by using the elements of the older structure, minimized the community’s carbon footprint by renovating in a semi-urban already urban area and built on a previously developed site, which causes minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Marian Fitness Center Empty Building

The makeover of the building was also uniquely characterized by the commitment of Wolverine Development to maximize the reuse of discarded, recyclable materials. Wolverine’s contractor Kincaid Henry of Lansing, a firm which specializes in sustainable projects, installed three separate receptacles–one each for cardboard, metals and masonry/concrete–used for construction waste which was sorted and segregated by their demolition crew.

A structurally insulated panel system was added to the building, to reduce its heating and cooling demand. Bike racks were installed to encourage green and healthful transportation.

The front of Marian Fitness Center was also renovated with multiple uses in mind. The panels that comprise the doors and windows are also arranged so that it would be easy to change the storefront from one suite to two, or even three. The window and door panel units are all the same size ensuring that the building can accommodate future reconfigurations with minimal demolition and waste.

Once the building’s space configuration is determined, it will be installed with high performance heating and cooling systems equipped with sealed and insulated distribution ducts to prevent energy losses to unconditioned spaces. The systems will be sized to exact requirements to prevent over capacity as well as to increase efficiency. The efficient systems coupled with the high performance thermal envelope will substantially reduce energy consumption.

Wolverine Development’s ongoing culture of reuse, as exemplified in Marian Fitness Center, demonstrates that adopting SERF’s mission of Practical Environmental Stewardship® is not only good for the environment and community—it’s good business.