Lamar Construction Company

Striking design overlooking nature preserve.

Set overlooking a nature preserve, this striking facility proves that world class design can be sustainable. Lamar Construction's award winning headquarters faciity features a 30,000 square foot shop and over 16,000 square feet of office space, including a 52' x 112' structural steel cantilever, the largest of its kind in the US.


4404 Central Parkway, Hudsonville, Michigan


Lamar Construction Company


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Lamar Construction Company, a general contracting firm based in Hudsonville, Michigan, specializes in commercial design, construction, project management, certified steel* erection and facility maintenance services.

This landmark building showcases Lamar’s expertise in steel erection and concrete construction while demonstrating sustainable practices in an environmentally sensitive area.

Mike Corby, FAIA
Project Architect
Integrated Architecture

With a striking design and structural efficiency, the Lamar Construction headquarters is both visually captivating and environmentally friendly, illustrates their expertise in innovation and sustainability.

Constructed in 2007, the facility has a 30,000 square foot shop attached to 16,000 square feet of office space. The second level, approximately 6,500 square feet, is the building’s focal point: a magnificent structural steel cantilever (a beam supported on only one end). The load of the cantilever bends downward, but to counteract the downward force, the joint exerts a resistance level of equal and opposite force against the cantilever’s load. This visual and architectural accomplishment is an extremely unique aspect of the Lamar building.


The walls, constructed with reinforced steel and concrete, coupled with the massive steel beams, create an exposed metal decking. Minimal interior ornamentation in the offices decreases the load, allowing the 100 foot long by 52 foot wide structure to be one of the largest occupied cantilevers in the U.S. The concrete and steel are highly durable, minimizing the structure’s maintenance and upkeep.

236 tons of structural steel was used to build the cantilever and the tower that supports it. This architectural achievement, as well as a partnership with the building’s designer, Integrated

Architecture of Grand Rapids, Michigan, shows that Lamar is a leader in the steel erection business. Joint Bending Moment Uniformly Distributed Load Reaction Force The above diagram shows a basic cantilever and the forces acting upon it.

Due to its elevated design, the cantilevered offices lack contact with any other part of the facility and ground surface, eliminating potential radiant heat to collect from the ground. To compensate for this heat loss, the cantilever contains closed-loop, in-floor heating.


Pipes installed in the concrete floor circulate 100°F water from boilers. This system keeps the floors at a steady temperature of 75°F, and in turn reduces the need for additional heating. During the summer months, the building uses a cooling tower to regulate the indoor air temperature.

The lighting and building management systems also contribute to the building’s efficiency. Using Lamar’s specific latitude and longitude, the lighting system calculates the amount of sunlight the building receives each day. From this data, the system automatically adjusts the timing and amount of light required to operate within the building. This setup also puts the building into a conservative “night mode” on weekends when the office is not in use. All of these systems can be controlled off-site by wireless technology.


The offices feature an open format with few walls and floor-to-ceiling low-E glass reflective windows. The flow of natural lighting throughout the building, with little need for electric lighting, helps keep the offices cool in the summer and contributes to SERF’s mission of reducing energy usage.

The home of Lamar Construction highlights how sustainability and innovative construction can be woven together to produce an iconic structure. By incorporating efficiency into the striking cantilever, Lamar demonstrates SERF’s mission of Practical Environmental Stewardship.

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2010 AISC Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel (IDEAS2) Award | Projects Under $15 Million 2008 AIA Grand Valley Honor Award 2008 AIA Michigan Honor Award 2007 Associated Builders and Contractors (West Michigan Chapter) Excellence in Merit Shop Construction Award | Structural Steel over $250K *American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC )