About Us

Society of Environmentally Responsible Facilities (SERF) was founded in 2010 by real estate industry professionals seeking a more streamlined, affordable and accessible path to green building certification.

SERF promotes private property rights, but holds that with rights come responsibilities — chief among them is for owners and managers to be proper stewards of their property. This is the basis of SERF’s mission of Practical Environmental Stewardship.

SERF Seal Certified

SERF’s holistic approach to environmental certification yields triple bottom line results: it’s good for business, the environment and society at-large. SERF provides resources and forums to promote and share methods to cost-effectively achieve Practical Environmental Stewardship

  • SERF recognizes that the protection of our environment is the duty of every steward of the land, and that each such steward who acts accordingly should be recognized and encouraged.
  • SERF holds that honest cost-benefit analysis should be applied to building improvements and systems intended to help the environment. To endure, sustainability must be affordable.
  • SERF builds future generations of environmentally responsible property owners. Our examples and support teach and endow future generations to live in harmony with our planet and to conserve its precious resources.

What We Do

  •  Formulate and collect best practices for green building design, construction, and operation.
  •  Certify facilities which meet our standards.
  •  Promote our certified structures and help tell their sustainability story.
  •  Designate professionals in sustainability.
  •  Educate today’s and tomorrow’s real estate industry leaders in the business case for sustainability.

We welcome your participation by taking the first step and certifying your facility.